Naomi Azulay, PT, MA

Physical Therapy Treatments

A thorough evaluation is essential to beginning any Physical Therapy program. Every new patient receives a one-hour evaluation which includes a detailed history, musculoskeletal assessment, postural alignment exam and discussion of plan and goals. Physical Therapy treatments are customized, based on the results of the initial evaluation and subsequent re-assessments.


Myofascial techniques: Hands on manipulation/massage of soft tissues to lengthen the muscles and surrounding tissues. When the tissues surrounding a joint or vertebrae are tightened, the result can be nerve compression or arthritic inflammation. Myofascial manipulation allows the joints to move more freely, reduces pain and restores function.

Trigger point therapy: Treatment of painful nodules in the muscles that impair movement. Muscles that are weakened or overused can develop trigger points and radiate pain in specific patterns, often mimicking nerve pain. A multifaceted approach is used to eliminate trigger points and restore normal muscle tone.

Healthy Young Female Workout on TreadmillTherapeutic exercise: Exercises are designed to address specific areas of weakness or muscle imbalance, with attention paid to developing core muscle strength. One-on-one instruction is given so that patients can focus on learning how to activate particular muscle groups and release areas of stress. Resistance training with free weights, aerobic exercise, balance training and fall prevention are incorporated as needed.

Modalities: Various modalities are used to reduce pain, inflammation and muscle spasm. These include ultrasound, neuromuscular stimulation, low level laser therapy, moist heat, paraffin treatments and cold packs.

Gait and balance training: The Before The Fallâ„¢ Program offers balance and fall risk assessments, and one-on-one training. For more information, visit the website at

Functional training: Includes correct lifting and carrying techniques, ergonomic seating and computer use, and other work or home-related activities to prevent future injury.