Naomi Azulay, PT, MA

“Naomi Azulay is simply the best therapist I know. She has the rare combination of very smart head, warm heart, and extremely talented hands. She is not only an unusually talented therapist but she is far better trained than most; taking every opportunity to learn more, acquire new skills, and dig deeper into her field. Knowing her for years and years my admiration continues to grow.” — Eric J Cassell, MD, M.A.C.P.

Patient Testimonials

“I have arthritis in both my knees. After a couple of winters of walking with a lot of pain, I made an appointment with Naomi. She did ‘treatments’ on my knees and gave me an exercise plan that would build up the muscles around my knees and take the pressure off them. I followed the plan, and this winter nothing hurt! Now we are working on strengthening my lower back and neck too. I didn’t just find a great physical therapist, I feel like I gained a personal trainer as well!” –Harriet H

“After going for pain shots and visiting a surgeon for back surgery (the surgery sounded awful), I decided to try physical therapy one more time. I was very fortunate to find Naomi Azulay. With her knowledge and professional guidance, I finally found some relief for my terrible back pain. And yes, you do have to do the exercises at home. Naomi is a kind caring person and was a great help to me.” –Linda S

“I am in a wheelchair, paralyzed below the waist. I developed a highly painful shoulder which made my days very difficult. Naomi’s treatment and exercise routine rapidly alleviated the problem. This in turn allowed me to wheel my chair and do my transfers in a pain-free manner. I can not tell you how much Naomi has helped me and improved my life.” –Milton F

“As a patient with scoliosis, ‘failed back surgery,’ degenerative disc disease and fibromyalgia, I was a true basket case of pain when I presented myself to Naomi for help with an intractable case of sciatica. Since my Pain Medicine doctors had been attempting to fix this for over a year, I was pretty pessimistic about the outcome, but Naomi got rid of my sciatica in just three weeks, and it has not returned for over a year now!
Because my Swedish mother was a physical therapist, I have always expected and received help from the many therapists I have seen in the last 20 years. But Naomi is a therapist with a deep and far-reaching philosophy of healing, and even my husband was impressed enough with my result to get help for his own severe sciatica problem. We feel so lucky to have her here as the jewel in the crown of our medical community!” –Pat T

“Naomi is focused and methodical and she knows her stuff. She treated me for debilitating back spasms – she almost literally had to carry me in to the therapy room on one of my early visits. In two months I was fine. Naomi provided treatment and also exercises for me to do at home. I still do those exercises. When a relapse threatened after a long plane ride to South Asia, her exercises did the trick, and I had a great vacation.” –John S

“Naomi Azulay is a highly skilled, warm and intelligent physical therapist. As a health professional myself who has worked with many physical therapists, I am qualified to recognize when someone is as exceptional as Naomi. After a few sessions, my symptoms have decreased and I am feeling very positive about my situation.” –Heidi

“I can truly say that Naomi Azulay is not only my physical therapist but a friend as well. Her program of therapy and exercise helped me through a terribly debilitating and painful back and knee problem. With her invaluable help, I can now take longer walks both outside and on the treadmill. Naomi is the epitome of awesomeness!!” –Sylvia H

I’m back again to my 5K form after a long absence from running on the trail, phew! Thanks to Naomi for providing me a very simple, non-rigid physical therapy program that can be followed at home as easy as ‘ABC’.  No wonder I recovered quickly from a knee injury.  She made sure I understood well why I had to do exercises this way and not that way. Because she was very patient, thorough and caring, she made my every visit rewarding.” –Mel C